Sunday, April 15, 2012

Patagonia Trip UPDATE 1

So, we have reserved a couple hotels for our stay in Argentina ...

Buenos Aries -

We could not get our reservations confirmed at Hotel home due to the fact we would only be staying for 2 nights during our first stay in Buenos Aries and they require a 3 night minimum during that time of the year : (

So we have booked here instead: Bourgeois Bohemian or BoBo Hotel
in the Palermo Soho barrio (neighborhood) of the city.

Palermo Soho is a small area of Palermo Viejo around Plaza Serrano (officially Plazoleta Cortázar) on Serrano near Palermo's south-western edge. It is a newly fashionable area for fashion, design, restaurants, bars and street culture. The atmosphere in many cafés and restaurants strives to be "alternative", which makes this area of the city especially popular with young, upper-middle class Argentines as well as foreign tourists. The traditional low houses have been adapted into boutiques and bars, creating a bohemian feel. The square has a crafts fair.

Hotel Home

For our first two nights of the trip will will be staying at Hotel home in the Palermo Hollywood barrio (neighborhood) of the city.

About Palermo Hollywood - In the mid-nineties a number of TV and Radio producers installed themselves in the area between Córdoba, Santa Fe, Dorrego and Juan B. Justo Avenues in Palermo Viejo. For that reason this part of the neighborhood began to be called "Palermo Hollywood". Presently, it's best known for the concentration of restaurants, clubs -as Club Atlético Palermo, the oldest one-, cafés and an active nightlife.

We will be returning to Buenos Aries for one night at the end of our trip, hotel TBD.

Bariloche -
Here we will be staying for three nights at Nido del Condor.

Some friends of ours have stayed here before and highly recommended it.

El Calafate -

After our hike across the Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park, we will stay for two nights at Esplendor Hotel.

After our five day stay at the EcoCamp in Chile, we will return to El Calafate for one night before heading back to Buenos Aires. Hotel for that night is still TBD.

Patagonia ... here we come!!

So, we have planned our big trip for the year!

From Nov 17 to Dec 2, we are headed to South America to visit the Patagonia region between Chile and Argentina for 16 days of exploring and hiking. We start in Buenos Aires for a couple days, then head to Argentina's lakes district around San Carlos de Bariloche (think Breckenridge, but with more lake). Next we are off to El Calafate for some glacier trekking. Then further South to Torres del Paine National Park, where we will hike parts of the "W" circuit and explore some of the worlds largest, and still growing, glaciers. After our stay with EcoCamp Patagonia (in special domes), we will travel back to Buenos Aires for a night and day, via El Calafate.

The following is some info on the places we will stay and the things we will do/see:

Buenos Aires -
Maybe a local football match
HOME for our first two nights.
Exploring the local culture, markets, food, etc.

Bariloche -
Maybe stay here Nido del Condor
Lake Excursion by boat
Mountain Biking
Exploring the local culture, markets, food, etc.

El Calafate -
Maybe stay here Esplendor el Calafate
Hike on the Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park
Exploring the local culture, markets, food, etc.

EcoCamp Patagonia (Chile) -
Here we have booked with a company that provides all our needs for 5 days of exploring the Torres del Paine National Park. (Photos of the park)
Safari Description

Then we will head back to Buenos Aires for an evening and day. Probably hit up a tango.

As the trip gets closer, we will send more info regarding contact info, flights, etc.