Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sorry, we've been MIA

Well, since our last post back in April, a lot has happened. We bought a house and moved to a great little neighborhood called Edgewater, CO. I got a new job as a Graphic Designer at Jackson National Life Insurance, and love it! And we spent all summer planning a big party for September 18. It was well worth it! I heard it went well, what do you think? ; )

So, now that things are back to a somewhat normal pace, we (yes we, Melissa now wants to start blogging as well) will try our best to get more posts in about our Adventures here in Colorado and beyond. We are still busy with work, things around the house, more weddings (we're looking forward to it Carah and Tom!) and trying to hit the mountains more than the past year allowed, so our posts may be delayed. But we will get to them and keep you all up to date on what we are up to.

Big trip planned for January! We are going on our honeymoon in Costa Rica. Half adventure activities, half relaxing ... just our style.

So, stay tuned to for more soon!!

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