Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3 Sport Weekend

Check out photos from the weekend HERE

This past weekend we headed up to Copper Mountain on Saturday to meet up with our friends Adam and Elisa at their condo to go snowshoeing. They just had their first child, Ethan, about four weeks ago. He came along for the trip as well. Pretty impressive for his first time at about 11,500ft! After our hike, we enjoyed a delicious venison fillet dinner.

Sunday morning we headed out onto the trails at Copper with Adam while Elisa stayed with Ethan at the condo. Adam and I were telemarking while Melissa was on her new alpine skis. We had some great turns down Spaulding Bowl and took some video with Adam's new HD video camera. When he has it up online somewhere, I'll send out the link. After lunch, Elisa came out with us on her snowboard. Her second time out since Ethan was born. Not bad for four weeks!

Sunday evening we headed into Frisco and had a great Italian dinner at Tuscatos. Then we crashed at Gary's place for the evening. We slept in a bit, tired from the past two days activities, and then took off for Beaver Creek and another great day of skiing. I took out the Alpine skis for only the third time in the past two seasons. My thighs needed a break from the constant lunge turns on the teles. Felt great to be back on the alpines. It was a blue sky day and not too cold. Snow was OK and we even found some new chutes on the North East side of the mountain that we will be exploring more in the future when there is more fresh snow.

On our way back to Denver, we stopped at Kermitts restaurant, a small shack on the side of I-70 known for their chili. I'd recommend the green chili. I think I've driven by this place 100+ times, glad we stopped in, great food and a very unique atmosphere with dollar bills signed by customers covering all the walls and ceiling!

Check out photos from the weekend HERE