Sunday, March 7, 2010


Last night, Rich and I went to see FURTHUR at the 1st Bank Center (formerly known as the Odeum, formerly know as the Broomfield Events Center).

It was a great show! My favorite part was the unique Pink Floyd cover of Time. Rich was kind enough to provide a recap of the evening:

8:33:07 PM: Set 1
(after good food at Tuk Tuk and free parking compliments of a Obi-Wan Kenobi we were near first to arrive on the floor. We got to about 5 feet from the stage and realized it was a 2 hour wait till the show started --- we than took up a great strategic location at the corner of the rink --- It was very entertaining as this is where the free-form dancing went on). I underlined the songs that I thought were the highlights – many highlights tonight.

8:34:44 PM: After Midnight (predicted by the gentleman that sat to our right)
8:35:15 PM: Next Time You See Me
8:41:29 PM: Till the Morning Comes (there was a reference to a duck going into a bar and asking for flies – the bartender didn’t serve flies or ducks – but apparently nails – duh-know really ---- Jason can explain)
8:48:47 PM: Cumberland Blues
8:58:09 PM: Good Lovin’
9:11:21 PM: Magnolia Mountain (I have never heard this song before)
9:17:29 PM: Ripple (A Driscoll favorite --- an personally I think one of the greatest songs ever written)
9:21:24 PM: Sugaree (this was killer --- the keyboard player really delivered)

9:35:00 PM: setbreak

10:25:13 PM: Set 2
(the second set was one of the strongest sets I have ever seen!!!!!!)

10:26:39 PM: Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) >
10:33:00 PM: Birdsong >
10:48:18 PM: Alligator >
10:59:11 PM: Dark Star >
11:08:42 PM: Time > (Pink Floyd – this song happened shortly after I told Jason they never cover Pink Floyd songs J )
11:15:11 PM: Breathe Reprise * >
11:18:49 PM: Dark Star > (with a couple of St. Steven & Birdsong – teases)
11:22:52 PM: Morning Dew >
11:34:29 PM: Let it Grow >
11:47:51 PM: Midnight Hour >
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad >
12:03:59 PM: And We Bid You Goodnight (The harmonies were spectacular)

At this point we left give the encore wasn’t strong enough

11:13:34 PM: E: Samson and Delilah