Friday, November 14, 2008

Cool stuff ...


Living in Denver is much different than Breckenridge when it comes to the first snow. Breck got it's first weeks ago. Here in Den, the weather guys have been talking about snow the past week, but it never happens. Each morning I wake to green grass while Breck is blanketed under powder.

Finally this morning the grass was no longer green. It had a fresh white coating on it and the flurries were still dropping as I drove to work. Winter is here, for a few hours. It will soon be all gone as the temps rise into the 60's and 70's.

Guess it's time to head up to the mountains for some skiing!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bike + Views - Confrontation = Living

Found my camera! I think I've lost that thing 10 times now. Strangely enough, it always turns up where I've already looked before. Anyways, photos have been uploaded to Picasa for your viewing pleasure.

See photos HERE.

Marshall Mesa and the Community Ditch biking/hiking trails are located just south of Boulder. An easy ride with some good up and down. Nothing too technical, so it was nice to just ride after having been off the saddle for a while. Great views of the Flatirons!

Took my helmet cam out for the first time on my bike. Got some cool footage, but it's not ready to publish yet. We'll see what type of editing I can do to it first. Check back for some possible video in the next few days.

We had quite an interesting encounter with an elderly couple who did not seem to understand the rules of the trail and were very stubborn in their ways. They felt that every biker should stop and get off their bike, as well as walk off the trail to get around them while they were walking. Obviously some bikers who don't follow the rules had made them upset over they years. Yes, there are rules on the trails, but they did not fully understand them and were pushing the yield rule a bit too far.

We first came upon them at a switchback near the top of the trail. A seemingly nice lady in her 70's and a quiet man that must have been near 90. I was surprised to see them walking along on a trail such as this, and this high up on it. I hope to be in good enough shape to do the same at that age. However I think I'll be a bit nicer than they ended up being.

I was stopped at the switchback waiting for Melissa, and they asked if I was headed down. I said, "Not yet, but we will be soon." The lady gruffly responded with, "You'd better stop before you get to us!" I replied that I would give them plenty of notice before passing them, as I always do for anyone else on the trail. They continued down towards Melissa who was negotiating one of the steeper sections prior to the switchback. When they got to her, the old man stood in the middle of the trail and would not move. Melissa had to dismount and go off the trail to get around him. At the time we just shrugged it off as a senile old man who was probably going blind. Little did we know that we would encounter them again.

On our way back down, we came around a corner and saw the elderly couple in a heated discussion with a man who was stopped on the side of the trail on his bike. As I got closer, I could tell they were arguing about who had the right of way and how it should have been handled. I decided to pass through slowly and carry on, not wanting to get involved in a discussion that would never end in agreement. As I passed, the old man walked in front of me and put his arm across my chest to stop my forward movement. I was barely creeping along, so I stopped and asked him not to touch me. Lucky for him I am a kind and non-confrontational person. Someone else may not have been so nice and he could have found himself wrapped up in a lawsuit over assault. They continued to argue with me and the other biker over the rules that they did not understand. I wish I had kept my helmet cam running to catch the events! Eventually we went on our way, shaking our heads about how misunderstanding the older couple was. Guess you can't always teach old dogs new tricks!

If you are ever out on the trails, follow the rules. If someone does not understand them, try to give them some friendly advice, but also understand that not everyone is open to knowing the truth. So at that time move on, enjoy the ride, take in the views and live life!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Work, a four letter word

I know the title of this blog is COAdventure, and most of my postings lately have been outside the realm of my adventures. However, work sometimes gets in the way.

I've been very busy the past couple weeks with the December issue of our magazine. Not only is it a "re-cap" of the years products and trends (source list after source list, arghhh), but I also had five financial big wigs to get photos of for our "Forward Thinking Five" section. Working with four photographers around the country I was able to schedule everyone in and stay within budget to get it done. A very fine balancing act. I think it turned out good. Goes to press tomorrow, so we'll see.

Above is the cover for the December issue. Peter Wallison, with the blue background, would have been McCain's Treasury Secretary had he been elected. Big names in the financial industry!

On a lighter note. Melis and I went on a great Mtn. Bike ride this past Sunday just south of Boulder in the Marshall Mesa/Community Ditch trail area. Great weather and spectacular views of the Flatirons. A basic ride with some fun downhill, nothing too technical which was good for not having been in the sadle for a while. I'd have some photos posted already, but still trying to find where I put my camera. Hopefully it'll turn up soon and I'll get them online. Also have some video footage from my helmet cam. Got to edit it down and add some tunes to it. So that may be a while before you see my skillz from my pint of view.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Anyone else pissed!?!

The credit card companies get bailed out with my money and still charge me 30% interest!! Anyone else see the sense in that?

From CNN Money: "Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Wednesday the government would broaden the reach of the $700 billion bailout plan to support non-bank financial institutions that provide consumer credit, such as credit cards and auto loans."

Read more HERE

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank You Veterans

Today is Veterans Day, a day to honor all those who have bravely served in our Armed Forces. As a nation, we all should show our gratitude, not just on this day but always. Service to country is a calling, to serve and protect us, to keep our country safe and to preserve our way of life.

Those called, give their time and risk their lives for their fellow countrymen. With so many Americans currently on active duty, it is especially appropriate to honor the brave women and men willing to make the necessary sacrifice to protect our way of life.

Thanks and prayers go out to them.