Thursday, December 1, 2011

Refurbished Desk lamp

I found this old desk lamp on Craigslist and thought it would be a great Christmas gift for Melissa to go on our new desk for the office. After picking it up from the seller, I noticed that it could use a new coat of paint and the wiring looked a little shotty. I opened it up from the base and saw that most of the wiring was frayed through the fabric sheathing. I stripped out all the wires and took inventory of what I would need from Home Depot to replace it all properly. As usual, it took a couple trips to get all the parts correctly. The ballast was an old General Electric two lamp version and the new two lamp versions are much larger. So, the new one would not fit in the base. I had to resign to installing a single lamp ballast, but I think it will give off enough light with today's newer bulbs. Before installing all the wiring, I gave the outside a fresh coat of new silver paint (to match the original paint color). The plug to the wall got a little upgrade to give it that "retro" feel, and the lamp was done. Looks great on the new desk!