Thursday, September 25, 2008


Now, I know this blog is primarily about my adventures in Colorado, but I felt compelled to post this entry, written by Mank. He does a good job of summing up the race for Prez so far.
Enjoy! ...

By Mank

I was just waiting for the McCain Campaign fall-out. It seems inevitable, and it seems as if it is upon us. I am still worried that he could take this thing.
Every turn in momentum proves to be worse than the last. It seems that campaigns get 2 to 3 weeks of good numbers in a bounce and then swing back down while the others swing up. We have 40 days to go. Obama can avoid that, I think, by driving hard and fast and not budging on messaging. He has found McCain's soft spot, now he has to go at it. Clinton found it in '92, remember: "It's the economy, stupid."
According to some data, 90% of Americans think the Friday debate should go on... I have to think that McCain over-played his hand and reeks of desperation at this point. They are also trying to avoid the Palin debate, and rightfully so, if you have seen any of her interviews. Even Sean Hannity couldn't make her look prepared, and that's saying something.
Also, I think Palin has marginalized the Campaign's message (or lack thereof, depending on who you ask), because she cannot deliver it honestly. As McCain and his cohorts scramble to keep up with issues they make gaffe after gaffe, and with the microscope firmly on Palin, everything appears 10x as worse. And, it is not because of her personally sordid past, purported extra-marital affairs, questionable judgement, or parenting. No, it is because she is new and running for the biggest office in the country and the public deserves to know about her record. Her record. Not the record released by the McCain media team. Only hope America is really paying attention to what is being revealed.
As a note, the Obama campaign letting Palin do herself in when talking and also by her not talking to the press will be one of the truly deciding factor in this election. Things that political junkies and wonks live for. Sure it will be the economy and the war, but the strategy behind Obama's political maneuvering will become that of legend, should Obama win. This perhaps being their finest choice. After all, the election is about John McCain.
The McCain/Rove election strategy of running on "personality" could be seeing it's last days of effectiveness. Though I didn't think they should win on that issue either, it certainly plays to folks who do not pay as much attention to the issues, who have closeted racism, or just plain like John McCain. Now that the campaign is [inevitably] back on the issues, Obama and Biden have a clear advantage, if only Biden would stop giving terrible soundbites.
I sincerely hope that Obama can keep them on the ropes with direct attacks and concise messaging. Bring up Keating 5 and de-regulation, bring up McCain's ties to Fannie and Freddie Mac, bring up his houses and cars, bring up his voting against the immigration legislation that he co-sponsored, bring up his terminal hawkishness on war, bring up his wish to alienate Russia and create a new cold war, bring up his habitual poor decision making. Bring it all up. Issues, Issues, Issues.
With personality as a secondary factor [and the McCain campaign grasping for straws], the general public could possibly view the ticket much differently. Allowing McCain and Palin's personalities to appear directly reflective of their ticket's standing. No longer a "Maverick war-hero" and "Washington outsider Mother of five". They will appear as they are: McCain as old and tired, indignant and irrational man with judgement that is highly questionable. For Palin I think the judgement will be less harsh, written-off more as, "Well she seems like a nice lady, but I don't really think she has what it takes to be vice president/president. But good for Alaska."
As a last note, I keep reminding myself that this election is not about converting Republicans (present company excluded). A majority will vote McCain, even if it isn't in their best interests. It is about swing voters and first time voters. If they are mobilized they can make a world of difference. I only count on the fact that all these polls are not including them and you see an amazing turn out.

Get out and vote and mobilize those around you.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The Red Sox have clinched (at least) the AL Wild Card and are off on the road to defend their 2007 World Series Championship!!

On the same night the Red Sox clinched their ticket to the postseason, they also dealt with the near inevitability that they won't win the American League East as the Rays swept the Orioles in a doubleheader. The only way the 92-65 Red Sox can win the East is if they win their last five games and the 95-62 Rays go 1-4. Because the Rays beat the Red Sox in the head-to-head series, they would win the division if the two teams finish with the same record.
The Red Sox play two games with the Indians and three against the Yankees. The Rays have one more game at Baltimore before playing four games in Detroit.
In other words, barring a miracle, the Red Sox will enter the playoffs as the AL's Wild Card entry, and play the Angels in the Division Series, beginning either Oct. 1 or 2 in Anaheim.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

What was Brewing this weekend?

This past weekend, we decided to go on a Brewery Biking Tour through the Denver area. We picked out a few locations and headed out on our bikes. Our first stop was to be the Hops of Cherry Creek Brewery. We biked along the Cherry Creek bike path for about 6.5 miles and found that the brewery was closed. Most likely due to the rising cost of hops around the world (read more about Hops prices here at the Boston Globe). So, instead we stopped by the Cherry Cricket, a popular sports bar in the area and had some food and a pint of some other local Colorado craft brews.

Next, we headed back north on the bike path to Pint's Pub. This is an English brewery that has 12 beers made on location. Two of them are "Live Ales" which are cask conditioned, served at cellar temp, hand pumped instead of CO2 and still have their live yeast cultures in them. I had the Dark Star Ale and Melissa had the Lancer IPA. Tasty!! They also serve some great Crisps. Pint's is also word-known for having the largest selection of Single Malt Whisky outside of Great Britain. Very cool Old English atmosphere. We will be back again to try some of their other brews.

For our third and final stop, we cruised over to the Great Divide Brewery, near Coors Field. Here we tried a few of their craft brews and also took a short tour of their facility. I had the Samurai and Melissa had the sampler and a very dark and heavy Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout. They have been in business for 14 years and distribute to almost every state and outside the U.S. as well.

Full of beer and food we peddled back to my place to finish our 15 mile Brewery Biking Tour. Melissa now has 30 breweries visited in Colorado and I have 28 out of about 95.

See my photos of the Brewery Biking Tour.

One a side note, we worked off the beer on Sunday morning with a 5k road running race in Arvada. I ran a 25:30 and got second place in my age group (20-30yrs). Melissa ran a good race finishing at around 30min.

And, I'd like to mention that I am sorely disapointed in the Patriots performance on Sunday. There is no excuse for losing to the worst team in the NFL, even if you don't have Brady. They better bring their defense into San Fransisco in two weeks because they forgot them in the locker room this past Sunday.